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Community Service Project Highlights

NPHC-MCMD is participating as a Covid-19 Ambassador with our Chapter Member, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, Iota Upsilon Lambda Chapter, and AAHP to emphasize the importance of Covid-19 testing and vaccinations.   See our newsletter for calendar details and click on the flyer for weekly location updates . 

Volunteer Work

NPHC-MCMD volunteers annually at the Interfaith Clothing Center in Rockville.  We sorted and racked clothes for the Center that was made available to the community.  We were able to see the fruits of our labor immediately since there was a line of people waiting to shop when we finished. With the change in seasons it was of great comfort to know that because of the assistance of NPHC-MCMD, a family will not be shivering in the cold. 


Support Historically Black Colleges and Universities

NPHC-MCMD is a participant in the Annual HBCU College Fairs hosted by Mount Calvary Baptist Church and Montgomery County Public Schools in Rockville, Maryland.  The Chapter provided students with scholarship applications and valuable educational information to aid in their educational endeavors.   Not only did they receive enrollment information, but received vital information regarding other sources of funding. 

Homeless Resource Support

NPHC-MCMD also participates in the Montgomery County Homeless Resource Day in Gaithersburg, Maryland.  This is a one day, one stop opportunity for individuals and families experiencing homelessness or at risk and in need of basic access  to services, resources and information.   During this event NPHC-MCMD provided heathy snacks, bottle water, and other personal items. 

Voter Registration Training

NPHC-MCMD Chapter Members prioritize voter registration training as it allows us to provide voter registration drives within NPHC as well as our local chapters.  

Voter registration is the process in some democracies by which citizens and residents are registered in order to be authorized and allowed to vote in elections. 

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